Quidditch Field     Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry's Quidditch Field conforms to the modern standards of the Quidditch World Cup.  The Quaffle is the traditional red color as used in league play, with the exact dimensions as specified in the World Cup regulations.  The Bludgers are jet black, standard size, and enchanted, as per the rules, to attempt to dis-broom as many players as possible.  The Golden Snitch boasts crafting of the finest materials, wingspans approved by the World Cup League, and professional game play status.

    The Four Houses each maintain their own team, with their own Captain, all members of their respective Houses.  Madam Hooch supervises Quidditch team tryouts and practices and normally referees the matches.  Each House plays the remaining three for a total of six games per year.  The House team that accumulates the most points (wins the most games) is awarded the Quidditch Cup, which bears the name of the winning team.

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